Hi, I am Janina… the one behind the camera… you might want to know a little bit more about me before you invite me to photograph your big day!

About me

Most importantly I am a proud Mummy of two amazing children Michael and Grace. These two certainly keep me on my toes. I have been married to my best friend John since 2010, therefore family means everything to me and we love spending time together. Hiking, travelling, making memories and having fun is extremely important to me. I am a morning person and often I will get up at 5am just to enjoy a good coffee, early mornings are a perfect time to do that. I love an outdoor lifestyle! Therefore long walks and campfires are right up my street! I am huge animal lover,I used to have horses but now we only have our dog ‘Freeman’. He is a huge part of our family!

I’ve grown up in a home where all forms of art were greatly appreciated. My Grandma still owns an art gallery. Photography has always been my hobby and passion! I speak Italian and Polish thanks to my family bloodlines! I like pizza, cheese, gin, pizza, cheese, pizza (did I mention that I like pizza?) I also love holidays, driving, reading and obviously I love PHOTOGRAPHY! Above all a good night out with friends is a must now and again! Although I love travelling and meeting new people. I also always find time to go to the theatre to see a good show too.

My music choices are all over place….from Nirvana, The Beatles and ACDC(thanks to my dad) to Little Mix Olly Murs and Rita Ora. funny I know right?! Now here’s a good one, something weird about me – I don’t like chocolate!
You have heard my story now tell me yours?

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