Award WinningDocumentary and Reportage Wedding Photographer

UK and Destination Documentary Wedding Photographer

Hi, I am Janina, I am a multi award winning documentary and reportage wedding photographer. I’m the photographer people come to when they prefer to spend their wedding having best times of their lives rather than spending hours posing for pictures. I like images that tell stories, that capture genuine moments & emotions

I live on the beautiful coast of Lytham St Anne’s, Lancashire. Most of the time I photograph happy couples in Cheshire, Lake District, Yorkshire, Cotswolds, Shropshire, Devon, Surrey, Cambridge, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Lancashire,  Staffordshire, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, South America… pretty much everywhere! I absolutely love travelling to new places so will happily photograph your wedding anywhere in the world.

Award Winning Documentary and Reportage Wedding Photography

Photography has been my passion for many years and now I am able to do it for a living! How lucky am I! In last two years I have won ‘Maters of Wedding Photography UK & IR’, and ‘Ninedots’ awards. Also after winning many awards with Wedding Photojournalist Association I have been named in TOP 100 international photographers by them. To add to this I am also named in Best 100 UK wedding photographers by SLR lounge. and TOP 50 UK photographers by GoHen magazine.

I want to capture each wedding to not only show how it looked but how it felt to be there. Photographs are so much more than just a ‘pictures’. They are frozen in time moments.

I enjoy capturing the love, the fun, the crazy stuff that happens at the weddings surrounded by your favourite people. Kisses, belly laughs and tears! So in the future, when looking at photos you can step back in time and feel all the excitement, love and happiness from the day again. I want every image to feel authentically yours. As a reportage and documentary wedding photographer my aim is to capture all the important moments, unposed. Weddings are extremely personal and my job  is to create a beautiful story from it that is unique to you.

Reportage and Documentary Wedding Photographer

Photography is a story I fail to put into words

Destin Sparks